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Transformation Matrix from x-axis

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    I have a Parametric Equation for a Cone:


    h is height of the cone
    a is the Radius of the Base
    u goes from 0 to h
    v goes from 0 to 2*pi

    This cone lies on the x-axis. I need it to lie on the theta and phi axis. This is what I came up with to transform it:

    |x1| |cos(theta)*cos(phi) sin(phi) sin(theta)*cos(phi) | |x|
    |y1| = |sin(theta)*cos(phi) cos(theta)*cos(phi) sin(phi) | = |y|
    |z1| |sin(phi) sin(theta)*cos(phi) cos(theta)*cos(phi)| |z|
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    What do you mean by "the theta and phi axis"?
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    Originally at (r, 0 ,0) transform to (r, theta, phi) for all u and v.
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