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Transformation of electronic audio signal into audible Sound

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    Hello Guyz
    I've got a little Question For Seniors I hope You answer it Briefly , I know that whenever i plug in my USB Drive in my Loudspeaker or plug Speaker itself in my PC and play anything like a song an Electrical audio Signal is Produced which is transformed by Speaker into a audible Sound..
    However I dont have any idea how does it gets transformed from a particle yo a sound wave?Nor Do i know Which parts of speaker takes part in transformation?
    Can you please explain this thing...I think this Question Fits best on this Sub-Forum
    (Apologies For any typo mistakes, Since i am using Gorums on my cellphone)
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    jim hardy

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    the speaker moves (oscillates) back and forth, this motion moves air (which has mass) to your eardrums nerve which samples the frequency of movement and sends the signal to your brain.

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    Allright thanks Both of You.
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