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I Transformations in higher dimensions

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    Is there an alternative set of equations similar to Lorentz Transformations that transforms vectors from one dimension to a higher or lower dimension?
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    It is unclear what you mean, please be more specific. If not, you leave everyone to guess your intention.
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    You can't "transform" vectors from one dimension to another (by which I assume you mean, for example, transforming a vector in 4-dimensional space to a vector in 3-dimensional space). The dimension of a vector space is a fixed attribute of the vector space.

    You can define mappings between vectors in one space and vectors in another space. But such a mapping would not be similar to a Lorentz transformation.
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    Okay, thank you Peter. What if you have an event that occured over a certain period time in the 4th dimension, will the time still stay the same in higher dimensions? Or if an observer in a higher dimension were to have a frame of reference moving at a velocity, v, relative to the event's frame of reference would normal lorentz transformations still apply?
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    I don't understand what you mean by this. Can you give a concrete example?
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    Would an observer in a higher dimension experience time the same as a an observer in the 4th dimension? I am new to this topic so I am not sure what sought of example I would be able to give :/
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    I don't understand what you mean by "an observer in a higher dimension". Perhaps you could explain how you came up with this idea, or give a reference to a book or article where you got it?
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    I just came up with the idea so cannot give any references. But what I am trying to say is: we experience everything in the 4th dimension right? What if theoretically a being lived in the 5th dimension, and an event occured in the fourth dimension. Would it seem faster or slower to him compared to us? Or would it just be the same?
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    The problem is that you are using words in ways that don't make sense. No, we don't "experience everything in the 4th dimension", we experience things in all four dimensions. As for what a "being living in the 5th dimension", by which I assume you mean a being living in 5 dimensions, before we can say anything about that, you need to say what you mean by this "5th dimension". What properties does it have? Are you really clear on what a "dimension" is?
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    Okay, I understand my question was confused. Thank you anyways
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