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Engineering Transition to Civil from Mechanical Engineering?

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    I'm currently enrolled in a university studying Mechanical Engineering (I'm one of the only girls in my classes). I like it, but I really would like to be doing Civil Engineering or Structural Engineering, but my college doesn't offer it. My advisor told me I could transition to Civil engineering after I graduate with my Mechanical engineering degree, but I'm a little skeptical. I know many will ask, "Why not just switch to a university that does offer Civil Engineering?" It's because of financial problems. I go to a fairly "cheap" 4 year college, and I'm struggling to even keep up with the tuition bills, so another university really isn't an option for me.

    Is there anyone who has a Mechanical engineering degree who has transitioned to Civil or Structural Engineering work? Any advice would be so appreciated !!
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    You should really check the salary statistics for ME's vs. CE's before you switch. ME's make a lot more and are rarely required to take the FE as well as PE exams like 99% of civils are required to do.
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    You can always do a Master Degree in Structural Engineering.
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    This may be a good approach. Consider working while earning masters to gain experience and offset cost.
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