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Translation in Spherical Coordinates

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    Hello, this one is doing my head in. I'm trying to plot and play with wavefunctions by moving the originm, but i need to do it in spherical coordinates.

    Suppose i have a function G(r',theta',phi'), centered at the origin of the system r',theta',phi'. I also have a similar G(r'',theta'',phi''). I need to plot these on the same spherical coordinate system (r,theta,phi). The origin of (r',theta',phi') is located at x=x0 of (r,theta,phi). How do i convert G(r',theta',phi') to G(r,theta,phi)?

    This problem is easy in cartesian, i just change x to x-x0. However, the functions i'm dealing with have square roots and therefore a simple conversion is not possible.

    Thanks in advance for the help!
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    Use the formula for shift of origin in spherical coordinates. ( It won't be very difficult as you have x0 on the X axis - phi wouldn't change).
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