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Trapping a omni-directional light source within an uni-directional light source

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    Is it possible to transmit an omni-directional light source, through a focused uni-directional light source(like a laser), if each light source has a different frequency?

    The main problem my naive theory has(that I am capable of fathoming at least), is that trapping the omni-directional light within this uni-directional light, should be difficult enough because of their entirely different characteristics, this becomes more trouble-some when they're not even the same frequency of light.

    I don't know everything about this subject, but I am mostly sure that if two photons share a different frequency, then they will not dramatically interfere with one another.. basically, passing through one another, right?
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    I don't think the light from the laser will interact with the other light. But I'm not 100% sure on that.
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    Do you think there is any way practical to do it? or is it just impossible for them to interact?
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    Photons are Bosons ... without getting into too much Quantum Mechanic jargon means that they are allowed to occupy the same space... If that is what you are asking..

    If you are talking about wave interference that is a separate issue. In this case light of different wavelengths do interact and interfere. However, an isotropic incoherent light source (what you are calling as omni-directional) typically doesn't have the same electric field strength as a laser (monochromatic, isotropic and coherent).

    So the interference effect is minimal and negligible because of the difference in the electric field strength (amplitude of the waves if you look at it from a wave mechanics point of view)
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