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Traveling through a magnetic field

  1. Mar 8, 2010 #1
    does anyone have any idea what would happen if something with mass traveling at the speed of light, traveled through a magnetic field?

    i understand that the time diolation may still accur, but would there be anything else happen? like mabye a space diolation or, mabye even a dimension diolation?
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    How can something with mass travel at the speed of light?
    secondly specify if the mass is a magnetic material or if its charged ...
    btw what is dimension dilation?
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    I think he means what would happen theoretically...
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    Yes...what would happen?
    hmm...for a start if you are talking about relativistic mass, nothing much i would suppose as photons have a relativistic mass and they travel through magnetic fields in earth =)
    if the particle in question is charged(i.e electron for example) it will perform circular motion and it is travelling quite close to the speed of light...
    any other ideas anyone?
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    What do you mean by "circular motion"? Do you mean ... orbiting the source of the magnetic field?
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    well a magnetic field has an energy density and anything with energy curves space-time according to relativity , so it would then have a gravitational field so the mass would deflect.
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