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Trigonometric Integrals by Substitution

  1. Feb 8, 2013 #1
    I am unsure whether I have properly performed the integration of the integral ∫((sin(√x))^3*dx)/√x

    When I used my TI-Nsprire CAS to take the derivative of my answer in order to check if I was correct, and it came out differently. Now I used some trig identities to manipulate the problem, so I figured that is why it was different. So when I stored the integral into one function and the solution into another function, values I would enter were different for each function. Can someone correct any errors I have made or confirm that my answer is correct?

    I have attached my attempt at the integral as a .jpg file.


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    Your solution and answer are correct. Note that whatever answer your calculator had, you can merely subtract it from the original and see if the result is 0.
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    I don't see an error, and I can confirm that your solution is correct.
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    Thanks a lot guys, and good advice Karnage1993, a much easier process then what I was doing.
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