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Calculators Trouble with multivariable limits of integration on Ti89

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    I'm currently trying to get my Ti-89 Titanium to compute the following triple integral;

    f(x,y,z) = xy(1-z) where 0<x<1, 0<y<1, 0<z<1, and x+y+z<1


    The problem is that I can't get my Ti89 to substitute in for the limits of integration properly. For example, here is the result I get back after computing only the inner integral;

    int(f(x,y,z),x,0,1-y-z) = -xy(1-z)(y+z-1)

    It seems that it's holding the entire function constant whenever it has to interpret an integral at a limit which includes other variables. Basically it does this;

    int(C,x,0,1-y-z) = C*int(1,x,0,1-y-z)
    where C = Constant = f(x,y,z)

    I've been trying to get it to work for a couple of infuriating hours, so I'm hoping one of you wizards can let me know how to get it to properly interpret integrals with multivariable limits of integration.

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    I don't have a TI-89, but try this http://www.mathcs.citadel.edu/~chenm/231.dir/07sp.dir/lect13_calculator_1.pdf [Broken]
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