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B Trying to buy some simple glass double-convex lenses

  1. Nov 15, 2016 #1
    Dear forum,

    I'm currently trying to buy some simple glass double-convex lenses with no optical coatings from China with the help of a colleague over there. I'm trying to match a lens that I already have but which is no longer readily available to me here in Brazil. The lens I have is double-convex, has a diameter of 125mm and a focal length of 318mm.

    I'm searching on a website my colleague sent me and have found some lenses with the correct diameter but with what appear to be magnifying strengths, eg. 3X, 5X, 8X, 10X

    Is there a way to calculate the focal length from these magnifying ratings?

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    Hard to know exactly what they mean, but if they are saying these are the magnifying strengths for using the lens as a simple magnifier, then the usual equation is:

    M = 25 / f where f is in cm.

    That's for an image at infinity, which minimizes eye strain; an alternate equation is M = (25/f) + 1 for an image at a standard close focus taken to be 25 cm.

    A lens of your focal length is usually not used as a magnifier, and it has an unusual focal length. Can you find out how the website is defining the magnifying strength? Or better still, simply ask them for the focal lengths.
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    Thanks pixel. So using your second equation, a 3X magnification lens (if that what 3X stands for) would have a focal length of 12.5cm? That's too short for my purposes. Unfortunately, with the exception of the numbers, all the text on the site I'm looking at is in Chinese which i don't read. I'm going to China next week however, so when I'm there I'll ask someone to ask the manufacturer if they can provide focal length data. Just to clarify, the lens that I have I bought from Edmund Optics some years ago (they no longer stock it), it has a 318mm focal length rating - and sure enough - when the viewer looks through the lens at close range, objects 318mm from the lens appear in sharp focus. I don't remember it having a magnifying rating. I'm using the lens for an arts project to bring a specific region in a diorama into focus and to produce chromatic aberration. All the best,
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    Perhaps a bit short, but thanks I'll search more on this site.
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