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Trying to find an energy-efficient Heating system for a 3 story building

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    Hello, I am a civil engineering student and I am currently taking a project design class that requires a bit of overlap into the mechanical field of thought.

    We have designed a 3-story108,339 sf. building that needs energy-efficient HVAC&R systems, among other things. Being a civil engineer, I have limited knowledge on the subject and am seeking advice. After doing some research, I have noticed that condensing boilers have high efficiencies and would like to look into those; however, I am at a loss as to how powerful of a heater I would need, or even how many. Can you guys help me?

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    That is a project in itself - determining the heating and cooling load of a building.

    Solar load, R-values, number of people during the day and/or night, lighting( included as a part of the HVAC system also ) in the building, climate are just some of the things to consider and one cannot look for just one quick answer, if that is what you are after.

    Perhaps one of the internet sites for energy efficient buildings gives a value for what they consider appropriate energy usage in terms of electricity, oil, gas, or as a percentage of same in regards to other forms of energy input such as solar, for a building to qualify as being certified energy efficient. More and more new office buildings and houses are being built under the program, and I am not sure what the incentive is other than lower long term energy usage - perhaps some government rebate to the cost of construction.
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