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Tsunamis and earthquake thrusts

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    I came across an interesting video on three massive earthquakes and the thrusts that caused tsunamis.

    Just because an earthquake is large, i.e., mag 7 or mag 8 or greater, and in the ocean doesn't mean it will produce a tsunami. It does depend on the depth and location as well, and how much elastic energy is stored in the mass (or volume) of crust, and the displacement.
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    Hi Astronuc

    interesting video describing why there are variations in tsunami height

    from what I have so far read, this latest Chilean event produced a tsunami of only ~ 2 metres ( fortunately!!)

    Would have been good to have seen what reasons they had considered specifically for the Sumatran event

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    The earthquake off Banda Aceh was mag 9.1, so a very powerful earthquake with a large volume of displacement.

    http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/eqinthenews/2004/us2004slav/#details [Broken]

    More on recent Indonesian earthquakes - https://www.eeri.org/category/learning-from-earthquakes/indonesia/
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