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Turn off writing to screen in Fortran 90

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    Is there a command available that makes the compiler ignore all write(*,*) statements?!
    The thing is, I'm working on a code which will eventually run for several hours (perhaps days) to complete a single run. At the moment I'm testing so I write a lot of data to the screen in order to 'follow the program', but once I start do production runs the screen writing will probably take valuable time so then I want to turn it off.

    Of course I can write if..then statements around each write(*,*) such that I can use a variable to switch writing on or off, but I was wondering if there might be a compiler command to suppress write(*,*) statements?!

    Thanks in advance
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    If you're using a Unix-based system, you can redirect standard output to /dev/null:

    % myprogram > /dev/null
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    nice, thanks!

    And if I use a windows system? (I have linux at home, but my university uses windows)
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