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Two cables data transmission

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    okay guys i have a small problem relating to network data transmission

    i have two cables

    cable 1 :- Bandwidth = B1 and SNR = S1
    cable 2 :- Bandwidth = B2 and SNR = S2

    Assume that B2 > B1

    Cant i connect these two cables together and take advantage of lower SNR ratio requirements of the cable 2 ?

    Will i need some sort of frequency translator device to match the two difference bandwidth capabilities of the two wires ?
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    signal to noise ratio


    Is the signal to noise ratio of a data transmission cable be constant throughout the cable or does it change in a undefined manner ?

    Also does it have a relationship with the frequency of data transmission ?
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    What is the context of the question? What kind of channels are we talking about? What is limiting the BW of each cable? And how are you defining the SNR? Is there an inherent noise source in each? What are the TX signal levels? What is the attenuation? What is the quiet line SNR at the RX amp?

    (and is this schoolwork?)
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    Given B2 > B1, how do you know S2 > S1? Is the needed bandwidth greater than B1 or the needed SNR greater than S1? In general, without knowing the details of your problem, if your SNR is better than marginal, the amount of improvement you would get by paralleling cables would be negligible.
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