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Type your username in backwards with your eyes closed

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    my attempt

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    Fingers on the home keys, eyes closed. Got it on the first try.
    Most QWERTY keyboards have tactile clues (a raised do tor dash) on the letters F and J.
    These let you know where your hands are on the keyboard without looking.
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    1/7 - really bad :smile: Edit: I did not type it in backwards...
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    sdnihp got it first try. What's supposed to be hard about this? .Scott explained it perfectly well. hbk, I take it you are not a touch typist.
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    Me too!

    hmmm..... Perhaps "touch typing" was/is a lot easier when you use all 10 fingers vs 2 thumbs. :biggrin:

    ...mmmh I wonder what "Siri" would type if you asked her to do that.
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    Looks like I forgot the n and messed the P. :biggrin:
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