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Typing fast

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    Who are you people that can type fast, where the heck did you learn this skill, it seems that there are people out there that can type with more than one finger, what the hey are you people mutants?
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    No. I learned how to touch type back in sixth grade. We had something called typing tutor which taught us touch typing. I didnt get fast till about 10th grade, and then suddenly I realized that I could type almost as fast as I could speak and DEFINITELY faster than I could write.
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    I guess I just picked up how to type by typing lots! I was never taught by anyone.
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    Mandatory typing class 8th and 9th grades. We actually had speed typing competitions. I also imagine that a lot of the younger typers learned their skills on IM.
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    TYPING COURSE! Students learn to keep their fingers arranged in a standard position; and learn a progression of lessons to train themselves to reach different letters and characters. The lessons involve much repetition dedicated on a narrow choice of new characters, and then including review for use of all learned characters. The students practice and train usually by NOT looking at the keyboard, although they may occasionally look when they forget locations of characters. One becomes faster with practice.

    The arrangement of the particular keys on the keyboard was designed so that typists using the older mechanical machines tangle the rods holding the characters when typists might type too fast. (too many rods moving up and down all at once would mechanically interfere with eachother and would become jammed.)
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    Typing courses are for the weak.
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    Then i am fragile, i so envy you fast type rs, i am sure this is a type of mutation or evolution.
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    Ben Niehoff

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    I never had a typing course in school. I tried some typing software when I was a kid, but I was bored and never got very far.

    So, I type wrong. I use three fingers on each hand, and I occasionally cross the middle line. However, chatrooms taught me to do this at a moderately decent speed (certainly not fast by touch-typing standards), and now, I mostly don't have to look at the keyboard.

    I really ought to learn to type properly...while writing this sentence, I just discovered that I can force myself to do it (albeit slowly), so maybe I'll try.
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    just spend a good amount of time playing online games, in chat rooms, and ect. you should then pick up a good typing ability, or just type a dictionary or something.
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    In 8th grade I took a class called "Keyboarding" for a year. Probably the most useful class I ever took in public school.

    At least half the class were morons who thought they were going to be taught how to play the keyboard, though.
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    I only average about 40WPM if i'm aiming for accuracy... can't type very fast without looking at my hands.
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    … ping!

    Hi wolram! :smile:

    You need to know the correct finger positions, and then practise with them. :wink:

    See diagram at http://www.tactuskeyboard.com/schools/school_kids_fingering_guide.htm :smile:
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    That's what I did. Maybe it was in 7th grade, or in summer school about that time. This was a long time ago (before 1970), when it was called "Typing," not "Keyboarding." Later, in high school, when I was a photographer on the yearbook staff, I spent my spare time in the yearbook office practicing my touch-typing skills. It really came in handy when I started programming, first on card-punching machines in college (early 1970s), then on video terminals in graduate school (late 1970s).
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    Ah! I have also learned that at school (I was 13). It has taken me about 20/30 hours to know my keyboard (including special characters and numbers), and about 50/60 hours to type really fast. That's a bit difficult when you begin, you must avoid to watch the keyboard. When we where typing, there was always a large poster at the front of the classroom in case we didn't remember the position of a key.

    It certainly is one of the most useful skills I've learned at school.

    I'm sure you can find a good software that will help you learn, but you have to stick to it.
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    Being a kid playing computer games where you are vulnerable whilst typing. I'm also left handed, qwerty+english is perfect for me.
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    We had typing classes in 6th and 7th grade. That combined with IM and forums...
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    I took typing in 7th or 8th grade - very useful class! The typewriter keys had no letters on them - they were all blank. It was to get you to memorize the order of the letters, and to keep you from looking at the keys.
  19. Jul 27, 2008 #18


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    Ever heard of the program, Mavis Beacon? I use it to practice my typing skills. They have fun games like and they also tell you you're typing per min speed.
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    Took a typing class in 10th grade. Probably one of the most useful classes I have ever taken in my life. I am up to 73 wpm.
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    Thats it, If you can do that you must be some kind of modern day mutant, i guess i am an old dog.
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