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UK Physics Undergrad - does it matter which uni?

  1. Jul 11, 2008 #1
    UK Physics Undergrad - does it matter which uni???

    I'm want to study physics at uni next year and am still trying to decide which uni is best for me to go to. I want to stay in the West or East Midlands (family reasons).

    1) Does it really matter which uni I go to, as long as i get good grades?

    2) Does it limit my choices of where I could do a PhD afterwards? Do Wolverhampton graduates get to do PhD's at Warwick or Oxford?

    I don't really want to take notice of snobbery, but if the rest of the world pays attention to it I'd be an idiot not to.

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    Re: UK Physics Undergrad - does it matter which uni???

    1) There's an obvious collection of 'good places' and 'bad'. The difference between say Oxford and Cambridge will depend quite a bit on what you will be doing specifically, 6 of one, half a dozen of the other. There's an across the board difference between say Imperial and Aston. If you're looking at A's in the maths and sciences you'll get into a good university even if it's not Oxbridge.

    2. Not really. Cambridge often tend to get many of their PhD students from within their own 4th years (particularly theoretical physics). Other universities get students from all over. I know people who did their undergrads at Bristol, Durham, Bath, Exeter, Imperial and obviously Oxbridge who now do theoretical physics PhDs. The less maths based stuff tends to be more open, there's no so much of a monopoly of Oxbridge and Durham graduates outside of theoretical physics, as is my impression. Theoretical physics just wants buckets of maths.
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    Re: UK Physics Undergrad - does it matter which uni???

    Hey Streeter. What grades are you expected at A-Level that will help you gain some idea, I am in a very similar position to yourself!
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    Re: UK Physics Undergrad - does it matter which uni???

    Look at Birmingham, Nottingham, Warwick.

    Yes, but as Alphanumeric says, only to a point. If you aim to get into a red brick university, then it doesn't really matter which one.
    Again, if you graduate from a red brick university, then there's no reason you shouldn't get into one of the red brick PhD programmes (provided you get a first, or maybe a high 2:1). It all depends what specific field you want to go into, though.
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    Re: UK Physics Undergrad - does it matter which uni???

    Leicester University, is quite high in the rankings, but for some reason they ask for low entry grades. BBC, now I can't think of why that would be other than the fact that they can't get people to go there. If you get an A at A-Level you also get a £1000 bursary which again seems crazy. Warwick and Birmingham are probably the best Universities for physics in the Midlands, or at least that is my opinion.
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