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UK student looking for internships in US. Recommendations?

  1. Mar 11, 2015 #1
    Hi all. I recently attended a very inspiring talk given by a company which sponsors European students for a so-called J-1 visa which enables us to apply for maximum 12 months internships in the US. I would be supported the CIEE which means that all of the problems in terms of insurance for foreigners etc are a non issue. The benefit to the company is that I will be part of an international cultural exchange, so there are some tax breaks for US companies. I am going to be a Masters Graduate in Physics as of this July and was wondering whether US students had any recommendations for internships straight out of college. The internship is supposed to be related to my degree discipline which means that I wouldn't have gotten the internship without my degree, so I'm looking for technical roles which involve problem solving.

    For an example of what I'm looking for I have applied to a very particular role at Intel, as I have a decent background in semiconductor fabrication. Apart from that I have only applied to software companies as I have reasonable experience with Python and C++ in particular. I want to be realistic here, I probably am not going to get into Intel and as a physicist I don't feel like I am going to beat a comp sci student to the top software internships around San Fransisco! I'm really looking for smallish companies which will allow me to send in a CV and give me some valuable experience for a few months.

    In summary, I am not versed in the ways of searching for internships in the US. Is it possible to find the kind of role I'm looking for? What are your internship search experiences? Should I uninspire myself? Literally I am open to almost anything as long I can get valuable experience.

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