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Schools Uk university choice

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    I've recently got offers for chemical engineering in Manchester university and for chemistry at university of Warwick.

    I've got a dilemma situation; I don't which of these university I have preference to. Although in terms of ranking in the recent 'times university guide', Manchester is higher in chem eng than chem is in Warwick, I have heard generally that for undergraduates it is not a distinguishable difference in terms of quality.

    So I would be very grateful to hear your advice on this problem and if your are a current or previous student in any of these universities, if would help me if you could just spare me some of your time and share your experience of the university.

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    I'm at warwick at the moment doing physics... I've only been to the chemistry dept a few times.. (to raid their ice machine for one of my experiments) but from what I saw the labs looked pretty good. Great things about warwick is that it's a big campus just outside the city very spacious and pleasant on the eye.. Also the accomodation is pretty good since the university is only 40 years old (if you apply to Author Vick, Lakeside or Heronbank you're sorted! ;) ) So in terms of living and facilities on campus is has it all.
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    What did you think of the cities? A large part of uni life is the social side. If you can`t decied between the two on facilities consider the night life, cost of living and how far from home it is, after all you will go back home some times and keeping costs down is important.

    Pesonally i`d go with Warrick, a friend of mine read Maths there and had a great time and i`m also a liverpool fc fan so living in Manchester doesn`t appeal (althought there aren`t any Man U fans in Manchester!:biggrin: )
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    For me, the universities were polar opposites. I liked Warwick's quiet atmosphere, short reach union and shops, and the union itself. However, I am worried that I will be TOO isolated in that 'nature' environment.

    Manchester on the other hand, is a massive city: No question about resources avaliable. No trace of countryside. A downside of Man is its large distance from London: It took me 2hours and a half to get there from London compared to an hour to Warwick.

    I'm not one for a long time spending on the night life. BUT that doesn't mean I like a 'philosophical' environment full of trees and nature. On my house: My parents are from a different country, so will rpobably be leaving this country when I go to university.
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    Good thing about Warwick though is it's only a 5min train ride away from Birmingham
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    Academically, there wouldn't be much point trying to distinguish between the two. In the eyes of employers, both will score equally. Unless you can choose between the courses themselves (chemistry and chem eng are very different courses), I'd just visit both and see where you like the look of.

    I was at UMIST (which has now merged with The University of Manchester), chose to go there because the city is fantastic. It's only 10 minutes on a train into the Peak District for lovely countryside, but the city has everything you need, great for gigs and nightlife. The university is pretty central, - it's self contained but only a few minutes walk into the city centre. Much cheaper to live in Manchester than Warwick, but also much more likely that you'll get mugged and broken into.

    Just visit them both and see where you get a good feel for. And say hi to the chem eng admissions lady from me!
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    Just curious: Have you been mugged while you were in manchester?
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    Only kinda. Some small kids threatened me with a BB gun and asked for my shopping (was walking home from Asda through Moss Side), I laughed at them and told them to stick it. The same kids were shooting at us through the fence at the back of our halls a few weeks later, we called the rozzers.

    5 out of 7 of my first year housemates got mugged (just for phones and cash), and for some reason all my coursemates did too! We got burgled, which was a bit rubbish. A mate got mugged at gunpoint and marched to a cash machine but they only got £50.

    Luckily I managed to avoid any direct violence, bonus.
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