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UK vs USA for an international undergraduate

  1. Jan 16, 2016 #1
    I ask because I just received an offer from Cambridge and from a few great places in the US. I want to go on to do a PhD, probably in the United States. Finance isn't an issue. In your experience, does being from a place in the UK (albeit as great as Cambridge) put one at an automatic disadvantage to grad school committees? Would people with some experience know if a motivated undergraduate at Cambridge can produce some substantial research, since undergrad research is not that prevalent in the UK?
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    No, being at Cambridge is not a disadvantage at all. A lot of people from the UK (most from Cambridge, Oxford, or ICL) do their PhDs in the U.S. There are several people in my year who did their undergrad in the UK. I think a lot of them did research over the summer at various places like CERN, the Max Planck institute, etc.
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    I almost choked on what I was eating when I read even the remote possibility that getting a degree from Cambridge might put one at a "disadvantage".

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