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News Ukranian Government Split

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    Following the Ukranian vs. Russian oil stand off last week, 250 of the Ukrainian's 450 deputies have put their names to a vote of non confidance in the government, who have agreed to double their payment to Russia.

    Does this sound like anyone to a state standing up to Russian aggression in what it still views as 'its domain'? It is being run on "Itar Tass" as the principle story but carries no information as to the fact that this stems from the Russian oil cut off.

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    States will be states?
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    I presume you meant to say 250 of the Ukraine's 450 delegates voted to support a no confidence vote in the gov't?

    The whole exercise is irrelevent in itself as there are elections due in March and the delegates also voted that the current gov't remain in place until then.

    This was more just an attempt to make the gov't look weak which the opposition parties hope to capitalise on and reap the benefits at the polls come the elections.

    I'm not sure where the Russian aggression you speak about comes from? Russia had been selling gas to it's former satellites for 25% of the market price. Obviously once they became independant this was not something that was going to continue for ever. Under the new deal Russia is still selling to the Ukraine at only 50% of the market price.
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    Russian aggression was about their cutting of the gas pipe lines to the rest of Europe, and demanding an increase (disproportionately) from its former satellite Ukraine

    and yes no confidance - will amend 1st post
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    :confused: They didn't cut off the pipelines to the rest of europe. One of the major pipelines into europe passes through the Ukraine and the Russians claim that when they stopped shipping gas for the Ukraine, the Ukraine simply stole other countries supplies from the pipeline.
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    No, the Russian Government, made a baseless claim that the Ukrainian's had been stealing gas from the Russian pipeline that feeds a large amount of Europe.

    So, the Russian's cut off the gas supply for three days on January 1st until the Ukrainian Gov't agreed to double the amount they paid. In response, when the pipeline was turned back on, the Ukraine has stockpiled resources as has another nation. This has been leaked to opposition Ukrainian MPs and even those in Government coalition who were appaled and so held a vote of non confidance.

    The vote IS important, as the elections in March will now be overshadowed by the Ukrainain Supreme Court who must meet and decide the outcome of the vote.
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    You are wrong, supply to europe was not cut
    lol the supreme court can't adjudicate because the pro Russian parliament has blocked all of the presidents nominations.
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