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Undergrad GPA important for Grad school?

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    To get into Masters or Phd in phsysics or maths do they look at your combined undergrad GPA or only the average of your third year subjects and honours (4th year) level subjects?

    Would it matter if they see a couple of fails for some second year nonscience subjects? Which would mean a lowish undergrad GPA.
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    I would think they consider overall GPA, but more consideration will be placed on the third and fourth year major subject GPA.

    Also, they might frown upon the failed first and second year nonscience classes, but if you are able to explain your reasoning in your personal statement then this might not be an issue. They might even understand if you said you were trying to get adjusted to the university atmosphere. If your transcript shows that you made a big improvement, that will likely impress them.

    But your somewhat low GPA might not be an issue, depending on how good your science grades are your GRE scores. Also, make sure you get good letters of recommendation, and if you have time, get lots of undergraduate research experience. Go to your department chair and look into some summer undergraduate research fellowships.
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