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A Underwater acoustics: transmission loss at long distance

  1. Jun 28, 2018 #1
    Hi all,

    I have some problems to understand how to calculate the transmission loss at long distance, which model do I have to use?
    I was looking into the energy flux model (Weston model), but I didn't understand at what range I should switch from "mode stripping" to "single mode".
    I am working at low frequency (50Hz) and the range I am considering is around 400km.

    Can anyone help me?

    Thanks a lot!
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  4. Jun 29, 2018 #3
    Hi Jedishrfu,

    thanks for the answer!
    I have read that report, but the model described there is a simplified one.
    The results obtained with that model are ok close the source, but at range of hundred km they are not realistic.
    I need something more complex, this is why I was using the Weston model.

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