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Unexpected scientists

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    Hi all.

    During the past, there have been a few times where I have looked up someones profile online ("someone" meaning e.g. politicians, actors etc.) to find out that they have a background in physics/engineering.

    I thought it could be fun to make a list of these "discoveries".

    Mine are

    Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean) holds a M.Sc. in EE
    Angela Merkel (the Prime Minister of Germany) holds a Ph.d. in physical chemistry
    Brian Kernighan (one of the inventors of C) holds a B.Sc. in engineering physics
    Tim Berners-Lee (invented the WWW) holds a B.Sc. in physics
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    Why are the last two surprising?
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    They were for me. I thought they were computer scientists.
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    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brian_May" [Broken], lead guitarist for Queen...and an astrophysicist.
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    Sarah Palin has a B.S... that surprised me.
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    I don't want to bother looking them up, but many of the writers for Futurama hold PhD's in various maths and sciences.
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    Philip Rosedale the founder of Second Life was a physics major.
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    depends on what B.S. stands for...
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    Maggie Thatcher (British PM in the 80s) had a BSc in chemistry. In an interview somebody asked if her science knowledge had every come in handy, she mentioned some report on US star-wars where the advocate had said they need 10^20W (or whatever) to shoot down a missile and in tests had managed 10^10W - the other politicians had said "excellent so we are half-way there"!
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    Oh yeah, I forgot me... Flatmaster Physics major, chem minor. I might have a masters in science education, I'm not sure.
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    ...an unexpected Master's degree...?
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    Random credits from several universities. Someone might give me a masters.
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    Lizzy Hawker -one of the best ultramarathon runners in the world- has a PhD in environmental science (as far as I remebember she is an oceanographer)

    Greg Graffin (singer in the punk-rock band Bad Religion) has a PhD in biology and actually teaches a course at UCLA....
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    or civil ungineering
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    Or civil deengineering?
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    Lots of rich Saudis are educated in the sciences. The men, at least.
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