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Units square root of a Newton

  1. Sep 12, 2014 #1
    I have a table with several quantities in it, and one of them is [itex]\sqrt{T}[/itex] (T is tension)
    I have values for this table, and want to put the units next to the values.
    Something seems off to me about doing this, I guess because they're not integers.
    Is it correct to say the units are kg1/2m1/2s-1 ?

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    I would just call it N1/2. If you have another column for ##T## labeled with "N", you don't really need to label ##\sqrt T## at all IMO.
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    That's a bit clumsy. If you don't have another column already with T, I'd label the √T with "T in N", that's about as informative as you could wish.
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    Unfortunately I am not the boss and don't get to decide the columns... I was just considering leaving the units off because non-integer powers seem wrong for whatever reason
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    Ah! Marking ....! Probably safer to put some units, there may be a mark allocated.

    Nothing to lose by putting in some units.
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    D H

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    While they definitely seem wrong at first blush, they occasionally do appear and they can indeed be valid. For example, the Allan deviations that are widely used in signal processing inevitable have a dimensionality that involves the square root of time.
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