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Schools University of Nebraska Lincoln

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    I have just been accepted to the university of Nebraska at Lincoln. How is their physics program?
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    Positives/praise: It won't hold you back from anything. There are a few undergrads from the past year that went to very good graduate programs.

    The condensed matter and high-energy physics departments are pretty good. There are lots of opportunities for Physics majors to get involved since there aren't that many majors compared to faculty (I think the department statistic is something like 70% of physics majors are employed by the department?). The upper level physics classes are taught with 'quintessential' material, which prepares you well for grad school.

    I have yet to have a bad professor nearing the end of my junior classes. Everyone is very open and willing to help (if you're willing to learn). Finally, the building is brand new, and it is modern/clean.

    Downsides/negatives: the student labs (both intro and advanced) are getting a little tired but they are very well kept up by the lab managers. The upper level classes are only offered once a year, so a well thought out plan for upper level coursework is important else you can fall behind easily.

    A tip: talk to your adviser about taking the honors series of intro physics classes (even if you're not in the honors college). They will help you significantly later on as a physics major. Don't fret if they say no, but if you've got a decent high school prep they wont be too bad.
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    I applied undecided. How do I get into the program?
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    Talk with your adviser at the College of Arts and Sciences and/or talk with the Chief Physics Adviser. All of the contact information is on the UNL website.

    Maybe a good question for you is, then, why did you apply undecided and so quickly consider changing to physics?
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    Well my math grades were a bit shaky. I did not know if I would have been admitted into the program.
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