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News US government snail-mail logging

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    I think I've seen the analogy somewhere, that the much-discussed capturing of meta-data for e-mail, text messages etc. is like recording the sender and destination names and addresses on a snail-mail envelope without actually opening the envelope.

    Well, surprise... the US government is doing that too, with the cooperation of the US Postal Service. It's called the "Mail Isolation Control and Tracking" program.

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    There is a difference. Its as if they logged not just snail-mail USPS, but also all of your Fed Ex, UPS, etc. packages that are not affiliated with or funded by the US government.

    If my email was blahblah[at]email.us.gov I could expect some tracking statistics. And I expect some internal tracking statistics for gmail, yahoo etc. But INTERNAL and sharing with 3rd party entities without consent is a little different. Or if it said in the TOS that it would share meta-data with the government, then I would have accepted.

    Theres a difference for sure.
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    I suppose the next thing will be intelligent bar codes on snail mail. (some simple bar code systems are already in use).

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    I am surprised that it has'nt been contracted out to a private company.

    from the ink:

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