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Useful links for linked lists in c

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    i need useful links for linked lists in c!thanks
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    well most of them they have limited information for them...i'm trying to find something more detailed..i want to compare the list's node and i'm little confused!
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    OK, post up your relevant code and maybe we can help you. You will find that each implementation is different, so if you are looking for something specific to the way you are doing it, you might not find it.

    You should iterate through your list by following pointers to from one node to the next - do you understand how to do this?

    Each node will contain a data element. Can you access this data element? I assume you have a struct representing your list_node - do you understand the syntax for referencing the variables inside?

    What kind of data do you have? Are you using an appropriate comparison?

    The first link that comes up for "c programming linked list" is a nice tutorial over at cprogramming.com - is this not helpful to you?

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    thanks for your help!!!
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