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LINKS (also known as Links Magazine, or Links: The Best of Golf in full) is a U.S. quarterly golf magazine published by Purcell Enterprises, Inc. in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. LINKS has a mission "of bringing the most engaging, sophisticated and surprising content to its audience of
passionate golfers."

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  1. T

    Another Posting Anomaly *sometimes* links work

    It's a long explanation, see post https://www.physicsforums.com/posts/7058756, and the one immediately preceeding it.
  2. BillTre

    Can't use links to Twitter (which is now X)

    When I copy a link from twitter and paste it into the insert media panel, I get this: when using this as a link: https://x.com/Rainmaker1973/status/1701523035621077394?s=20 I am guessing its because Twitter is making a bunch of dumb-ass changes and PF has not caught up, but maybe someone...
  3. Astronuc

    Cybersecurity: Links to Malware sites in QR

    DON'T activate websites/links in QR codes, especially if from unsolicited parties. If You Scanned That QR Code from the Super Bowl (Or Any QR Code), the FBI Has a Warning for You QR codes are appearing everywhere--even in Super Bowl ads--but consumers and business owners should know that there...
  4. J

    I Links between the Lorentz equations and SR/GR

    I have a question linked to the equations of Lorentz: The Theory of the Special Relativity (SR) of Albert Einstein comes from the equation of Lorentz and we have the following equation on the time t’ in the moving frame: The space time (x’, y’, z’, t’) is moving at a speed v measured from the...
  5. Narayanan KR

    Interesting Links Between Faraday's EM Induction and EPR

    Imagine a magnet moving up and down so that its flux 'B' cuts the copper rod to produce an alternating emf, suppose if the movement is fast enough such that its frequency equals to the electron spin resonance frequency given by F = B x 2.8 Mhz per gauss, neglecting skin effect, more copper...
  6. John Greger

    How to change Bibliography settings to enable links

    I can get the citation code from Inspire.net for papers. However, can I change the Bibliography settings in some way such that there are hyperlinks to the paper? I don't want to embed it manually for every reference. For instance. Now, I use the citation code @article{Hawking:2000kj...
  7. Stephen Bulking

    Short links? Weightless links?

    Hi! I am an engineering student. I have just started reading this book ENGINEERING MECHANICS by PEARSON and got a little confused between short links and weightless links. Please see the examples below and help me explain: 1) Are short links and weightless links the same but with different...
  8. Rob S

    A Exploring Enrico Fermi's Beta-Decay Theory: A Search for Missing Links

    In 1933 Enrico Fermi published a paper on his theory of beta-decay. He describes it as a contact force, which means he didn't think there was a mediator as there was for the electrodynamic forces. Somewhere along the line, there must have been someone who suggested a mediating particle such as...
  9. J

    The force between links

    Homework Statement In the figure below, a chain consisting of five links, each of mass 0.103 kg, is lifted vertically with a constant acceleration of magnitude a = 2.49 m/s2. (a) Find the magnitude of the force acting between link 1 and link 2. (b) Find the magnitude of the force acting...
  10. jtbell

    Phishing Scam Alert: PayPal Email with Suspicious Links

    Today my wife received an e-mail, apparently from PayPal, notifying her that a payment was being made from her PayPal account for a purchase of about $30, and with a link to click if she wanted to dispute it. But... she's never opened a PayPal account. She was using iOS Mail on her iPad. As far...
  11. fresh_42

    B A couple of links about, not from science

    We repeatedly receive some fundamental questions, some of them of philosophical nature, which we're not very keen to answer - not because they weren't legitimate questions, but because we made the experience, that they simply lead nowhere, and, I'll have to admit, because of the lack of...
  12. Voq

    Transistor literature (books, links, articles) for learning more about them....

    If you have any material (books, links, articles) on transistors i would appreciate that. I am looking for a way to get more general knowledge on subject. Thank you.
  13. M

    The downloader can't currently generate links

    "The downloader can't currently generate links for Windows 7, as well as Office 2007 and 2010." Above is confusing to me because I don't know how such things work. The downloader is a program which is downloaded from here. How does it works? How can the program generate the links...
  14. T

    Shear force for minimum links is greater than the maximum sh

    Homework Statement I was asked to design a beam from the beginning to detailing . I encountered that the shear force for minimum links is greater than the maximum shear force , is it possible ? Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I have checked thru the working , it seems that...
  15. EastWindBreaks

    Is this a typo? (Complex positions of input and output links)

    Homework Statement Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution since they are in complex vector form, its missing a " j " on the sin() part, correct?
  16. R

    I Size of links and loads in the hydraulic system

    I am currently in the process of creating my own design in which every millimeter counts. I have the following question: does the cross-section area of the highlighted link make a difference, and does decreasing the area makes force exerted on the walls greater? My guess is that cross-section...
  17. FallenApple

    Python Switching the links in a linked list

    So I have a linked list a->b->c->d and I want to make another list b->a->d->c in a systematic way by interchanging pointers. But for some reason it isn't working. All I did was move the link between b and c into b to a. Then the link from a to b, changed to a to d. Then the one connecting c...
  18. M

    Approach for determining jerk in a mechanical system

    Hello all, I require your expertise on building an approach or a framework to identify and measure the jerk or vibration in a mechanical system with a slider. What I have is a slider (S) with a vertical link (L1) attached to it and another horizontal link (L2) attached at the tip of the link...
  19. I

    Number of links and joints in a linkage

    Homework Statement Homework Equations M = 3(L – 1) – 2J L= number of links, J = number of joints The Attempt at a Solution As far as I can see, using the above L and J values for each linkage yields the correct M value. However, the L and J values lead me to think I'm missing something...
  20. N

    Links between sub-fields of mathematics

    Hello all! Today I was in my vector calculus course (as a student) and we were learning about/calculating the unit tangent vector (T(t)) and principal unit normal vector(N(t)). We calculated T(1) and then moved onto N(1), ((1) our arbitrary point to see how it plays out). Nevertheless...
  21. oreo

    Forces Between Adjacent Links: Help Needed!

    Homework Statement The problem statement is attached as a file Homework Equations F=ma The Attempt at a Solution I can't see what it mean by Forces between adjacent links?? Please help by making diagram
  22. patrickbotros

    Finding subpages without links

    I'm wondering if there's a way to find all the subpages on a website even if the mainpages don't have any links to them. I bet you could keep guessing the names of the subpages but that would take forever.
  23. narrator

    Visual Aids & Videos to Help You Learn Physics - Sanctioned by Physics Forums

    To some degree I can cope with Jargon and formulas, but they often slow me down to the point where I stall. I learn best with either visual aids or analogies that I can picture. And that's why I find videos so helpful. For example, I loved Carl Sagan's Cosmos series. His cosmic calendar is such...
  24. W

    Investing in Stock Markets: Fat Tails, Persistence, Multifractals & Turbulence

    Does anyone here know much about these topics? I understand they surround the absence of normally distrubted returns, excessive kurtosis. Fat tails somehow disprove the EMH? Can anyone explain this argument? I've been advised that there are links to turbulence in fluid dynamics, joined by the...
  25. M

    What books or links are there that can teach me modern mathematics

    What can I do to learn modern mathematics? Calculus and discrete mathematics were made over a hundred years ago. They are ancient. So what books do I need to read to learn modern mathematics?
  26. M

    Convenient scale for links

    hello all. here are link lengths Link 1=177.8, Link 2=228.6, Link 3=76.2, Link 4= 203.2 . I don't know how I can choose a convenient scale for these links.Do you have any idea? For example is it a good approch to choose 1 cm for 50 mm.to what centimeters can I roll the numbers. Link ratios to...
  27. M

    Links for these concepts please

    I am presently undergoing a course in Classical mechanics, here are some mathematical concepts that i haven't understand properly, These are the concepts 1) Tangent, normal , Radius of curvature of a vector function at a point 2) spherical, polar and cylindrical co-ordinates 3) taylor...
  28. H

    Good reference book or links for material selection

    Hi Everyone, I am basically a post graduate student try to set up my own business. Its a mechanical based business. I come across activities like material selection, fabrication, machining & installation and commissioning. In short turnkey projects. Since my activities are customer based...
  29. P

    Solve forces for this links given?

    any one please solve this problem and giv the solution ...
  30. T

    Max value of the average normal stress in the links.

    Homework Statement Here is the problem along with the solution: I am confused about part (a). Why is it that the area used is 2*0.008*(0.036-0.016). If you draw a cross section at just one of the holes, wouldn't that give you the max average stress? So the area used should instead be...
  31. H

    Unable to share the website links on facebook

    i was installing facebook comment plugin in my website. But it says the url is unreachable . I have used noah classified website. whenever i have to share the item in it, the facebook turns into other kinds of link For eg www.noahclassified.com/index.php?item/31 [Broken] turns into...
  32. J

    Calculating force between links in a chain

    A chain consisting of five links, each of mass 0.145 kg, is lifted vertically with a constant acceleration of a = 2.6 m/s2. Consider the force link 3 exerts on link 2. (Chains are numbered 5 to 1 going down) Find the magnitude of this force. F=ma I don't know what to consider...
  33. N

    Troubleshooting Links Not Working on HP Computer: Possible Solutions

    A few days ago any links in e-mails or in sites like Physicsfoums stopped working...I click on them but do not get connected. I made no changes of which I am aware. Setup: HP computer, Windows Vista, Internet Explorer, Yahoo e-mail... Searches typed in at tabs [top of page] connect...
  34. R

    Useful links for linked lists in c

    i need useful links for linked lists in c!thanks
  35. D

    Excel VBA change (or edit ) links Macro

    Excel VBA change (or "edit") links Macro I have a Excel spreadsheet that has several links in it which I need to change to a different computer/user. The links are all the same and to change the source I have to go to "Edit Links" and manually change the location to the specific location on my...
  36. L

    Book links for the following math

    thanks for your quick replies .i never found a website with similar service.coming to the point can anyone post me the links regarding Vector/Tensor Calculus, Group Theory, differential geometry, differential equations, linear algebra, geometric algebra,... and a few physics links for...
  37. K

    How every Wikipedia article links to Philosophy

    Obviously this could work for any topic but I thought it was interesting: http://xefer.com/wikipedia
  38. P

    Wavepacket Dispersion and how this links to particle behaviour

    Hi, I'm trying to get my head round modelling particles in free space in quantum mechanics. I appreciate that we can "build" wavepackets by superposing many plane waves with different k-numbers (i.e. with different frequencies & momentums & energies I think). The greater the number of phase...
  39. A

    ASME Boiler & Vessel Pressure Code Links

    Dose anybody can give me link for ASME codes for boiler & vessel pressure. Thanks
  40. rmattila

    Collecting links to public technical descriptions of NPPs

    One lesson from the early days of the Fukushima accident was that should something happen at an NPP anywhere around the world, there's an urgent and wide need everywhere to get as much technical background info of the plant concerned as possible. There are several databases around the world...
  41. N

    Exploring Abstract Algebra: Helpful Links and Practice Problems

    I was wondering if anyone knew any links on the Internet that help to explain abstract algebra and maybe works through some problems as well. Thank you in advance
  42. C

    Right triangle with four jointed links

    Homework Statement A right triangle ABCD is formed from four jointed links. The joint D at the midpoint of the hypotenuse is pushed until it lies on the leg AB. Homework Equations Find the height x when a = 50 mm The Attempt at a Solution give me a hint please cause I'm lost :mad:
  43. N

    Online diagram tool links

    does anyone know of a website that has a tool similar to paint that I can easily post diagrams with? thanks
  44. B

    Explore the World of Baryons: Links to Learn More

    I quoted this from Hyper Physics, and I want to learn more about this, where can I? I am asking for links to places where I can learn about this ( I already know about Protons, Neutrons, Electrons and all the basic ones but now I want to get more in depth): Baryons are massive particles...
  45. M

    Chain with 2 links lifted vertically - Force

    Homework Statement A chain consisting of two links, each of mass 0.5 kg, is lifted vertically with an acceleration of 3.0 m/s2 upward. The magnitude of the downward force exerted on the top link by the bottom link is? Homework Equations F = ma The Attempt at a Solution 1 is...
  46. S

    Discrete math - links to biology?

    Discrete math -- links to biology? Hey, I'm in a math and biology program in college and I've recently become more and more into the discrete side of math. I was wondering if anybody knew of any areas of research that integrate discrete mathematics and biology, as there doesn't seem to be...
  47. H

    Are ordinary staples suitable for short wire links

    Are ordinary staples suitable for short wire links in breadboards without there being any corrosion?
  48. nomadreid

    Links between Everett, Feynman, Kripke?

    As I state my questions, there are likely to be errors that I would appreciate being corrected. Beyond that, however, if the gist of the questions can be salvaged after correcting these errors, I would also like answers to your version of the questions. Both Feynman's summation over histories...
  49. D

    Force of gravity of chain links problem

    Homework Statement Two chain links are connected together and are suspended by a string. The mass of the top link, link#1 is 8kg, while the mass of the second/bottom link #2 is unknown. If an applied force on the string attached to link #1 of 216N[up], and the links experience an acceleration...
  50. E

    Download Free E-Books: Links Wanted!

    hey friends , does anyone has some links to download e-books. please pass it to me. thanks