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Using a computer to calculate Einstein tensor etc.

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    I'm wondering if there are any good programs to calculate the various tensors that one needs to solve the Einstein field equations for a very general metric i.e. metric components are not specified explicitly, only their functional dependence on the coordinates


    [tex]ds^2=-n^2(\tau,y)d\tau^2 + a^2(\tau, y)\delta_{ij}dx^idx^j[/tex]

    and things that look like that.

    I have Maple and Mathematica, if there are any packages for those programs that deal with stuff like this.

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    enclose in [tex ] [/tex ] tags (no spaces in each tag!)
    [tex]ds^2=-n^2(\tau,y)d\tau^2 + a^2(\tau, y)\delta_{ij}dx^idx^j [/tex]
    click on the rendered equations to see.

    Try http://grtensor.phy.queensu.ca/
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    George Jones

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