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Using a Squirrel Cage Motor in an Induction Generator

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    I'm not sure whether to post here or EE forum, if it is better suited there, please advise/assist in moving it.

    I'm familiar enough with Induction, though not practiced in the formulae describing it. I recently came into need of an AC generator and thought there has to be some useful household items I could use to construct one without having to wind a bunch of coils. I did a Google search for Induction Generator and came up with this page:


    First off, Is this correct? Second the motor I'm looking at doesn't appear to have the same cylindrical casing as just about ever image I've seen Google image searching "squirrel cage motor". The one I have comes from an older Kenmore Dryer. It looks like this one:


    Is this a different style of motor? I've been trying to find ways to identify one from another, and not much luck besides descriptions where I'd need to dismantle it to really tell. It does appear similar, but not exactly like a few pictures of "Universal Motor" types I've seen. So how do I determine which it is, and would it be possible to use this type in an Induction Generator utilizing the same basic principals, attaching to a small gas powered engine, providing some simple circuit (like the capacitor/chains noted in the first link), and winding up with a 120/240v AC generator?

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