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Using a Variac to heat a flexible rope heater

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    I want to use a variac that i've got (4A rating) to power one of these:


    but a 240V version. The problem is I can't figure out if the variac that i've got has sufficient grunt to do it (without frying me, the variac or the heater).

    Any suggestions?

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    The 240 volt models will draw 4.3 amps at 240 volts, so you need to limit the voltage you use out of the variac to perhaps 90% of full voltage (220 volts).

    This is a dangerous personnel hazard, even with the variac. Rope off an area around this expeiment so no one can accidentally touch it. I have seen people electrocuted before, so beware.
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    Yeah, and from the Omega website:

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