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B Using Maxwell's equations with realtime results

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    I have spent a couple of hours watching an explanation of Einstein Field equations and Maxwells equations re EM on you tube. Found it very enlightening and interesting. Only thing was that when lecturer had screens full of equations never at any time did he actually show how to "plug in" actual data to see what the result would be or explain how these equations(Maxwells i.e) would be used by an engineer to work out a solution for a particular problem. Is there somewhere I could see these equations actually in use ?
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    You may have just encountered the limits of YouTube videos as a learning tool.....
    For Maxwell's equations, any E&M textbook will have some worked examples and many more good examples in the exercises. The Einstein field equations are a different level of problem but https://arxiv.org/abs/gr-qc/9712019 will get you started.
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