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B UV radiation vs. the real daytime exposure

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    I have been solving one problem recently. I need to calculate, how many times faster is the aging under my UV lamp compared to the real sunlight exposure.
    I am pretty sure it will depend on the distance of the sample from the UV radiation source, it´s intense and exposure time.
    I would also say that it will be probably for each of the materials kind of different so it´s not probably possible to calculate it exactly ?
    But I need to know, how to calculate how much faster is the aging under my UV lamp. I found some reasearches, but I am not very wise from it.

    Ty for help :)
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    What about the spectrum of your lamp compared to that of Sunlight and also daylight? My understanding is that UVA provides the largest exposure because it is present in cloudy conditions and so accumulates more hours.
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