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Physics Validate a bachelor of physics from south america (uruguay) to europe / america

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    I am thinking about following my studies in europe or america and i really dont know (and i've no found information on internet about it either) if i can validate my bachelor/degree/PhD from my uni here, to an european or american one; cuz my possibilities are limited here, to be physicist is not a well-known career, and how you can deduce there're not a lot of jobs involve in the most important fields of the market here and less the ones i'd like to keep on studying, my only chance here is to be a professor practically, but i dont like teaching at all, i'd prefer to research or to be in charge of quality controls

    if someone passed by the same situation and does not mind guide me through
    i would be very grateful, thanks! i really appreciate it

    (i also apologize cuz my english is not good enough and i've probably made a lot of mistakes in my post)
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    Hi Maurre!

    Welcome to PhysicsForums. I found two links that I hope will be of help to you in your search:

    Recognition of Foreign Qualifications in the US

    http://www.hero.ac.uk/uk/studying/international_students__guide/comparing_qualifications.cfm [Broken]

    Even if it doesn't give you exactly what you want (I didn't study it intensively) then I believe it might be a good place to start looking.

    Hope that helps!

    PS: Your English is fine...it doesn't matter if you make a couple of mistakes as long as people can understand you :smile: Also remember that there are many people who can speak only one language :wink:
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    Many thanks! it's been very helpful
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    OMG, thank you very much, I am just about to finish a bachelor's degree in Software Engineering and looking to continue my studies abroad (I was firstly thinking about the US, but the processes and eligibility requirements are such a pain in the but, so I decided to go to the UK, where it is legal to work as a student (unlike the US), and I've been looking for a site like this. Too bad this website never showed up at my searches ... it's been VERY helpful, thank you VERY MUCH!!
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    Glad to be of service! :biggrin:
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