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VB program and 56 characters

  1. Jul 15, 2004 #1
    I have 56 characters in whcih there are 26 alphabets in disorder
    Looks like: Donkey$^$%^@^$#@&$?<>Crigayis%$#%Mills%$#MicrosftDO**G*Team%^$%^$$77Ash.....etc
    (up to 56)
    I'd like to use VB to take out "DonkeyCrigayisMillsMicrosoftDO**G**Team" and "77ash".

    Anyone has any ideas? Teach me please!


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    old, young, even lesb ladies need soft throbs, don't move so hard and fast or she can't do it next time with yo :D. But these have experianced billions of times, i dont no they will take it hard ? Errosion! :D
    asscii chars Comparison helps ?
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    Could you try to give us a better description of your problem? Frankly what you have given us makes little sense to me.

    The mid function will do what you want but we need to understand your initial string (strings?) better to be able to separate the information you want.
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