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Aerospace VBA Excel Functions for Compressible Flow. Houghton and Brock Tables

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    This is my first post on this forum and I hope you find it usefull!

    Attached are complete set of Excel functions for

    *Isentropic Flow
    *Prandlt Meyer Expansion
    *Raleigh Flow
    *Fanno Flow
    *Plane Normal Shock
    *Plane Oblique Shock

    They are contained in the attached workbook (zipped as it is bigger than 100kB).

    For my compressible flow class I began writing some VBA functions to solve the implicit area ratio mach number formula for Isentropic compressible flow.
    The project morphed into a complete VBA implementation of the equations presented in 'Tables for the Compressible Flow of Dry Air 3rd Ed' by E.L. Houghton and A.E. Brock.

    The functions allow problems to be set up and solved in the same way a student would using a book of flow tables but with the accuracy produced by the analytical equations.

    Iterative problems can easily be solved using the SOLVER add in.

    Flow tables for gases with different gamma can be easily be produced.

    The iterative functions are typically accurate to around 7 significant figures.


    PS, Moderators: This post may belong on some sort of 'resources' thread or a sticky if you think its worth it.

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    Found I did not implement a couple of the inverse functions for Oblique shock properly. This is fixed now

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