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Homework Help: Velocity of shopping cart with given energy/work input

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    Steve does 50 J of work to push a 3.0 kg shopping cart out of his way. If the cart started from rest, what was its speed immediately after this push? (Assume there was no friction.)

    Does anyone know how to calculate velocity with just given energy?... is it calculating the kinetic energy?
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    What is the kinetic energy of the cart after it's been pushed? How do you find velocity from that?
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    since e= mv squared / 2

    50 = 3* v(squared) /2

    100/3 = v ( squared )

    33.33 root = v

    5.8 m/s = velocity?...

    it this right?
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    That looks good!
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    thank you sir,, have great night
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