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Vertical axis wind turbine design, torque help

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    Hi i am currently doing my dissertation in which i am designing a vertical axis wind turbine design that is a modification of that of a savonius design. A major problem that i am having is being able to predict the torque value of torque for my design in order for me to then predict the efficiency. I calculated the torque initially using the equation Torque = power/ angular velocity but this then went on to give me a 100 percent efficiency value which obviously is wrong.

    Any help would be fantastic thanks.
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    Power is defined as torque times angular velocity. The proper definition of efficiency for your wind turbine will lie in some other formulation. For instance, what is the total amount of work which could be extracted from a given wind field versus the amount of work actually produced by the wind turbine?
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    Ft= 1/2 CtρchW^2 how about calculating the tangential force then the average toruqe:

    then have to use some sort of average torque equation for angles from 0 to 360 then take an average ?

    Thanks a lot for the reply.
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