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Vertical motion and qudaratic equation questions

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    1. a cricket ball is thrown at 20 metres per second . how high will it be after 1 second?

    I will subtitute the values in -4.9x1^2 - 20-1

    2. any way the formula is -4.9t^2 - ut

    3. I think the answer is -4.9-21 :confused:

    Sorry for hurry, it is due tomorrow
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    Thrown in what direction? ut is not the same as u-t, either
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    sorry then it is -20 so do u know who to do it?????????/:confused:
    the question says it is vertical motion so it should be thrwon vertically
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    All the equations you have, involve 4 of the following
    u,v,s,a,t [some people use d instead of s].
    You could start by listing the values for the ones you know, and identifying the one you want, then chose the formula involving those variable, then carefully solve.

    Your solution should always start with the formula written out, just to show that you know what you are trying to do.
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    Vertically upwards (probably, given the wording of the question, but I am still not sure), or vertically downwards?

    You have initial velocity, time and acceleration. What formula(s) do you know that can link this to position?
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