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Classical Very very beginner books in Physics

  1. Mar 24, 2017 #1
    I am new to this forum. If there is a topic similar to this plase ignore me for not seeing it.
    In the last months, I have a feeling of wishing of learning physics. Therefore, I did some research that how to learn. I looked at a lot of sites but couldn't findy any specific books that are for foreigner of physics. I did find only one book called Feynnman Lectures on Physics. But when i looked at its comments, some of its readers say that this may not appropriate for beginners.
    So, I would like to ask you again.
    I should state that myknowlodge at physics very poor. Even nothing.
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    What is your level of mathematics?
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    So you've taken a couple calculus classes?
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    I live neither in America nor in England. Sorry for not understanding. In my country Math of essential education consist of two sections. One includes equations, powered numbers, root numbers and the others that can be called easy. And the other includes the topics like integral. I am very good at Math 1. And i learning math 2 now.
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    Why aren't you answering?
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    Because I am not sure we understand what exactly the level of your math education is. You have to do the required math if you want to learn physics. There are books that use Algebra to teach physics but I am not sure I like any of them. Why don't you start with something like Savov and then ask questions here if you get stuck.


    Here is an extended preview https://minireference.com/static/excerpts/noBSguide_v5_preview.pdf - see whether this works for you. This is a very good book by the way.
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    Thanks for reply. I will take a look at what you said. Also my level of mathematics is good for physics. At least i think so.
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    For physics you need to be proficient in Calculus which consists of derivatives and integrals. I would say the bare minimum for beginner physics is being able to take a derivative and an integral (and knowing what it means to do so).
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