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Video Monitor jack repair, Power and signal

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    Video Monitor Jack repair

    I have a Farenheit 7” LCD Wide Color Vision monitor that has a broken jack.
    From the monitor is only this female connector:
    Then there is a cable that goes from 8 pins to 24 pins (I count 12 on each half?):
    Next after that cable is the box, where the jack broke. The power and video for the monitor are fed by a cable from this box.

    The broken jack is lost so I’ll have to figure out which of the 8 pins correspond to the 12 on the board.

    Please help! How do I figure out which pins supply the power and the correct video signals.
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    Are you going to attempt to cut off the jack end and then solder the wires directly onto the PCB? If so, I'd locate another unit and use a multimeter to figure out which pins on the din connector connect to which pads on the PCB. If you don't have another unit, you could try to contact the manufacturer, but getting information like that is always kind of iffy.
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