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Video timing, calculating blanking

  1. Jul 3, 2011 #1
    I am writing a video card driver. One timing parameter I have to pass is H/V Blanking interval start/end.

    I have all the standard timing information but can't figure out how to get the blanking start / end pixels.

    Here are my current calculations, I don't think their right however (you can ignore the c code, just posting it for clarity)

    // Calculate blanking
    uint16 frontPorch = displayTiming.h_sync_start - displayTiming.h_display;
    uint16 backPorch = displayTiming.h_total - displayTiming.h_sync_end;

    uint16 blankStart = frontPorch - OVERSCAN;
    uint16 blankEnd = backPorch;

    frontPorch = displayTiming.v_sync_start - displayTiming.v_display;
    backPorch = displayTiming.v_total - displayTiming.v_sync_end;

    blankStart = frontPorch - OVERSCAN;
    blankEnd = backPorch;

    -- Alex
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