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View Windows on a Combustion Chamber

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    Does anyone have view windows which they installed on their combustion chamber?
    My team and I are going to install quartz windows on 304 stainless steel, and so far the coefficients of thermal expansion look really different. We are also debating on the shape of the windows.

    Any hints would be great!
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    What sort of combustion chamber? I've got a glass door on my oven, but making a perspex cylinder head for an engine is a different kettle of fish.
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    Just a thought, but thermal expansion only matters if the window is fixed/bolted so it can't move separately from the stainless frame. Having an O-ring or similar seal between the two would allow for small differences in the thermal contraction rates as long as you don't try and fix the window by bolting. In other words, bolt them together with just enough force to get the right compression on your gasket and allow the window (or stainless frame) some movement.
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    Hello! Thanks for your replies!

    Our chamber is supposed to simulate a jet engine but at really low speeds.
    We combust kerosene inside, but we have tested other fuels like ethanol, methanol, and other biodiesels.
    The main purpose is to see how we can decrease the emissions by different methods, and we plan to use a schlieren system to visualize the flow, but we need to get the windows set up.
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