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Vista mcafee

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    Just a warning, my laptop came with mcafee and windows vista installed,
    once i had registered mcafee my internet speed dropped to a crawl (even with mcafee protection turned off), the only way i could get my internet speed back was to uninstall mcafee, do people not test compatibility issues?
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    Shouldn't there be a way to restrict a program access to the internet by means of Windows Firewall?
    Just set block it until when there is an update.
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    That maybe true, but if these programs come installed by the seller they
    should be compatible surly, or was it my fault for registering mcfee?
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    I don't think that you did anything wrong in registering mcafee.
    I can't say anything regarding the compatibility issue, but I guess speed change could be something not taken into consideration by the seller..
    Check with the seller about this, if he can't help you, then check with mcafee itself.
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