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Fiber optic internet connection?

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    In a few days, people from my ISP are coming to my house to install super-fast fiber optic internet. Right now, I am using a DSL, or about a 3-meg connection speed. According to what I've heard, a fiber-optic network connection can give up to 20 megs. I use my computer for gaming, especially online gaming. Will I notice any significant improvement with my ping, as well as a reduction in lag, while playing video games online with fiber optics?

    This is a bit off-topic, but I heard that Windows 7 is programmed to better utilize fast internet connections. Right now I am using Vista with service pack 1.
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    Unless your data packets are very large, transmission speed doesn't affect ping (or lag). Ping or lag is a function of distance and how many nodes buffer and retransmit your data packets to the destination and back. In gaming, what appears to be 'lag', can also be caused by lost or corrupted packets of data.
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    How much did that cost you, if you don't mind my asking?
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    The Windows version won't have a noticeable impact on your internet speeds. The delay will be dictated primarily by distance and the other factors mentioned. Try some new browsers like Firefox, Opera, or Google Chrome. You'll get a more noticeable impact from that than from a new operating system, at least when browsing the internet.
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    Windows 7 is faster than Vista, period.
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    If you would like consider putting your webcache into a RamDisk. This will not really help you to load a page faster initially, but you will have an instant back button in the browser and cached pages will load nearly instantly.
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