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Windows Vista and XP no longer supported

  1. Jan 30, 2016 #1
    I've started to get messages from Microsoft saying virus protection updates are ending for VISTA, maybe CHROME too.

    I had my VISTA based HP computer into a Microsoft retail store for cleaning and upgrades last year [I posted about that some time ago]. I was told my drivers are out of date and could not be upgraded/replaced. That prevented the store team from giving me a free upgrade to 8.1, and in turn blocks me from Windows 10, neither of which 'improvements' I give a hoot. I don't need nor want another computer.

    I started using CHROME when IE got really,really slow about two years ago, before my Microsoft retail store cleaning. By shutting off all CHROME "PLUG INS" everything works fine; From time to time I turn on ADOBE FLASH PLAYER to see something. I tried IE once, and it seemed to work after the cleaning.

    [For those who don't know, apparently CHROME plug ins can conflict with either IE and other Windows software; lock ups while searching and while on websites is what I experienced. ]

    So I am hesitant but not opposed to returning to IE; Who knows what troubles will arise. I run Malwarebytes Anti Malware and CCleaner weekly and so far that has kept me in good condition.

    Anything obvious I ought to do?
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    How do you feel about Firefox? :smile:
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    If it is compatible with VISTA, fine with me, although I know nothing about it. What drives me nuts are 'compatible' programs, even from 'partner' companies, which are not.
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    Upgrade to a newer OS, such as Win 7 or Win 8, assuming your computer will support either of those. I like Win 7 a lot, but I don't care for the default user interface on Win 8 or Win 8.1, with all those silly boxes. I much prefer a desktop computer, and the idea of keeping track of many applications with a flat display of boxes, rather than a hierarchical display of files (as in Windows Explorer) seems braindead to me.
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    Please allways post main system information: Manufacturer+Model Number (RAM size, CPU-speed if available)

    My crystal ball´s broken so I have to guess...Desktop-PC with cards on mainboard? Vista is born as an inflated resource-eater - who could, avoided it and jumped directly from XP to W7. Make sure Your System could run the upgraded version before You upgrade. Avoid ballast and Gimmicks like Aero and optimize for Performance.

    Unfortunately Firefox needs more resources than Chrome.
    IMHO the last versions are also too inflated - so I use the firefox-fork Palemoon which needs half the time to start.

    other possibilities: Vista is broken, outdated software and old plugins (reinstall) System Memory is low (increase) don´t use java.

    I upgraded successfully several xp-Notebooks and Netbooks directly to Win7 (8 is nonsense, 10 is kindergarten) - even older laptops needed only some additional memory and all works fine.
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    Chrome has announced it will no longer send updates for XP and Vista, perhaps you could upgrade to 7?
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    Which driver is unavailable for upgrades? If You do not feed Your helper with details about Your HP Modell - how should I help?
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    Thanks for the replies; oddly most did not appear as 'alerts' from Physicsforums. ??

    I don't remember what the Microsoft store team said about compatibility with Windows 7, this was last July. I bought this computer from a local retail store,used, and the store is now out of business. Alas, the dopey message from Microsoft has procedures for fixing all sorts of issues but they don't seem relevant to the message. Next time the banner pops up I'll copy the information or link to it here.

    When I see "how to download XYZ" and then following :"How to resolve problems downloading XYZ" my eyes glaze over. However as far as I know I have installed all upgrades and am current.

    The computer is a Hewlitt Packard tower/desktop with Vista 32 bit SP3 Home Premium, have IE#8 or #9 with SP1 & SP2, 160GB HD, Intel 4CPU 3.60 Ghz, 2.00GB RAM, 82945G express chip.

    I don't know what drivers are incompatible with Windows 8; How can I identify the installed drivers if that is useful for possibly loading Windows7? I am unsure if upgrading to Windows 7 offers any support/update advantages for CHROME. I have either IE #8 or #9 installed; I doubt those are the latest.

    Are there any major pros and cons to trying to upgrade IE to a later version? I am not opposed to reverting to IE now installed and that may be my course of least resistance. I just opened IE and it seemed to work fine. I am NOT a game player, don't use the cloud for storage, basically using the computer for message boards, e-mailing, viewing websites, music videos.

    I do know the Microsoft retail store people tried to load Windows 8 and could not. They refunded me all my charges, and gave me a year of Microsoft Assure service. So I can get a lot of online support if I know what to ask for.
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    If they were unable to do a "clean" install (which entails formatting your hard drive first), it's probably the case that your computer is too old for that OS version. You might still be able to install Windows 7. I don't think you can buy it through Microsoft, but possibly you could get an unused copy on eBay or the like.

    I think a better option is to bite the bullet and get a new computer. Vista was released to consumers 9 years ago, so your computer is getting long in the tooth. The technical specs that you listed -- Pentium 4, 160 GB HD, 2 GB RAM -- are fairly minimal these days. After 7 or 8 or 9 years, hard drives fail, power supplies fail, stuff wears out. It's not that expensive to get a new computer with the OS already installed. For example, HP has one model with Win 7 installed for just under $400 (http://store.hp.com/us/en/pdp/deskt...p-pc-m0k49av-aba-1?jumpid=Desktops_Finder_PDP).
  12. Jan 31, 2016 #11
    Sir: Bite your tongue!

    So is my wife!

    You should have seen what I had before this one. 512MB RAM if I recall.
    [I just checked: my daughter brought home an old office computer we keep as a spare...yep, 512MB RAM.....this IS embarrassing.

    Funny you mention that; My power supply had that "I am ready to burn smell" of overheated insulation about two years ago. I took the cover off the tower, vacuumed a bit here and there, but it was not bad. Then, to be sure no burning no failure actually occurred, I bought a spare power supply. Sure enough the original is still working fine. Now what where did put that spare power supply?
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    The latest I have heard is IE versions 7 through 10 are loosing support, I myself prefer Firefox with the duckduckgo search as default. The bigger problem is what kind of support will we see a year down the road for any OS besides 10. I'm a little wary of the old standard 10 yr support policy being honored much longer. Just an opinion of mine, I encourage people to read up on current news concerning these matters. peace all
  15. Feb 1, 2016 #14
    Interesting information...thanks....Unsure if that will actually work based on Microsoft retail store feedback.

    I'll have to investigate a number of things....here is what initially comes to mind.

    I don't need answers on all the following, I can do the research, but I am not skilled enough to know what order I should proceed....See if I can download a driver update first? [Is the driver update free/] Or download a Win7 version first? And what issues have I missed?. I don't mind spending $50 or $75 on my old machine, but I'd hate to spend that and end up ruining it and THEN having to buy another machine....

    How does one read the download chart for the chipsets?

    First, which one of the driver updates is the one appropriate for me? I know my machine is 32 bit and maybe I can hunt for my 82945G chipset. "Windows 7, 32 bit" for compatable chipsets, mine is not listed. [Under VISTA, 32 bit I find "945G" Is that the same as my 82945G?] Seems like I can't upgrade??

    Then, if I download one of these drivers will it be compatible with VISTA that I have currently or must I immediately install Win7? Or should I install windows7 first. What happens if the download fails? Can it be erased/reversed?

    Windows7: Says here 6 versions were released......

    Should I care which?
    5127 people bought this: $58
    Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium - 32 Bit Full Version & Upgrade
    Only 91 bought this $50
    Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 32 Bit SP1 Full Version Service P

    I wonder if I should try and get Microsoft Assure service to answer all the above? maybe they'll even do the work??

  16. Feb 1, 2016 #15
    My concern is the pending discontinuation of security updates for Vista. I've got an old computer running Vista and I'm afraid it won't handle an upgrade of operating systems. It's using a dual core 1.9 GHz processor and 32 bit OS with only 2 GB of RAM. Any opinions on whether that will run 7 or 8 (or 10)?
  17. Feb 1, 2016 #16
    I have a lap top with similar hardware, my experience is it will run 7 but you won't be happy
  18. Feb 1, 2016 #17
    I'm not "happy" now. I'm guessing I'll be even less happy if I change. Any idea how long it really will be before the security updates cease?
  19. Feb 1, 2016 #18
    5 yrs. tops for 7
  20. Feb 1, 2016 #19


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    Those are graphics drivers, and win 7 has an * after it. Also needed are the other motherboard chipset drivers for SATA controller, sound controller, USB controller, ... .

    You could check if Win 7 will work using the information provided here:


    If interested, you could download a .ISO file for Windows 10 from Microsoft for a clean install. You'll need some type of dvd-burner software to create a DVD using the Windows 10 ISO image. I'd recommend buying a new hard drive to test Win 10 clean install. You can try Win 10 via clean install for free. I'm not sure how much time you have before you need to purchase Win 10 to get an activation key.

    If Win 7 / Win 10 doesn't have drivers for your system, it might be possible to put them on a floppy disk, assuming there's still an option to get drivers from a floppy during a clean install.
  21. Feb 2, 2016 #20
    It just occurred to me I run "Malware anti bytes" weekly....So what if Microsoft doesn't continue THEIR security updates? Maybe I should run it daily??
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