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I Volatility of investment (/w currency hedging)

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    I´ve been trying to compute a volatility of invesment with currency hedging and I have a question. Let's take this example. We have our money in a fond copying the S&P500 index, which has 16% volatility, we also know that the current volatility of a dollar toward our currency is 5%. We want to know the volatility of the whole invesment.

    Can I compute as following? If so, what is the reason for adding the two deviations instead of mulitplying them considering the volalitity of an index and a currency are mutualy independent.


    Thank you.
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    How would multiplying them make sense? If one gets fixed, do you lose all volatility?

    What you can multiply are the actual courses, e.g. for deviations like (1+0.16)*(1+0.05) = 1+0.16+0.05+0.16*0.05. Neglect the last term, and you see that the deviations add.
    If the deviations become large, neglecting the last term does not work any more.
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