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Volume of pressurized storage tank

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    tell me if anyone knows that if we maintain a pressure of 500psi in the tank then what will be itz volume and dimensions
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    You are going to have to provide more information for anyone to help you.
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    Chris Hillman

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    That is to say, ahsuu, pressure is just force per unit area, so interior pressure alone cannot possibly determine the dimensions of a tank. There must be some other information in your problem.
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    I have paintball gun tanks that are 48 cubic inches that can maintain 500psi. I also have scuba tanks which can handle 500psi. What is the application?
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    500 psi is nothing for a compressed air tank. You should be looking at a lot higher pressure aluminum or composite tanks so you can carry more air.
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    I know, I have 3000psi in them, I was just saying that they can hold 500psi no problem.
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