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Was Jonny Appleseed a bioterroist?

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    Introducing non-native plant to new habits can doom the indigenous of plants of the area. Do you beileve that Jonny Appleseed is a "bio-terroist"?

    In general do you beileve that Homosapeins sapeins will eventually doom the world? :biggrin:
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    http://www.millville.org/Workshops_f/Dich_FOLKLORE/WACKED/story.html [Broken] is something on the guy I think your talking about.
    Now for my real post:

    Eventually? What's all this about Eventually?
    We're already destroying the world! Wake up Bjon!! Let there be no more talk of eventually, the world will not end in a sudden flash when we're all vaporized by a nuclear holocaust, we're not being attacked by someone in a far off land, it's happening right here, right now!

    Eventually is not the question, will people wake up and stop it is the question. We're being conditioned to think that it will happen eventually. That it's not here and not now, do not listen to the corporate-backed media pop culture, they're not counting on you caring, it's not designed to make you care, it's designed to keep you afraid and conforming so the social elite can maintain their class status.

    Let there be no more talk of 'eventually' people need to wake up and realise it's happening now, not tomorrow, not next year, not in your grandchildrens life-time. Today. Wake up you lazy slobs.
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    Only if he did it with the intention of destroying indigenous species of the region (and perhaps only if he intended it to harm the people of the region too).

    Doom the world? Probably not. Dramatically alter it? Yes.
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    I have been thinking of bringing some European flora or fauna and introduce it here and see what happenes next.But I guess all the best stuff was brought here long time ago by settlers.
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    Pfft, I'm on the other side, the side that doesn't believe that crap, not to be rude.
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    People who whine about humanity destroying the environement, etc., etc. its complete bull---well, sort of.

    All we can do is alter the environment, by definition we can't destroy it(even if the earth loses its atmoshpere, all life is gone and its just like the moon with more iron, it still ahs an environment. By definition there will always be an environment). Even if we wipe ourselves out, its not the end of the world(quite literally, its not) and life on earth will go on in all likelihood, reagardless of whatever damage we cause. Sure we might dramatically alter the path of evolution, but other species have done that before us, we would not be the first, and we will not be the last.
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